Welcome to the website for Gordon Thomas, and the documentary Everything's Coming My Way.
Gordon Thomas is a 97-year-old New York singer hoping for his big break.
Everything's Coming My Way
is the story of his life and music.
Stay tuned for updates about Gordon's music, concert
appearances, and news about the film.




A selection of Gordon's albums are now available for digital download on the new GT Bandcamp page.

Official Trailer:

EVERYTHING'S COMING MY WAY - 1 Hour Documentary from Tricon Films and Television on Vimeo.



A clip from the film:




(GT 008)

We are pleased to announce the release of Everything's Coming My Way on DVD. The disc includes the documentary as well as deleted scenes and a Gordon Thomas appearance (and "Boogie Dancing" dance party) on TV's Chic-A-Go-Go.

$20 CDN - Tax and shipping included.

Or visit the music page to buy the DVD and/or CDs of Gordon's music.



(GT 009)

Gordon Thomas announces the release of his latest CD, featuring brand new tracks and re-recordings of little-known GT classics! The album is entitled Everything's Coming My Way (not to be confused with the GT documentary of the same name). It was produced by Berlin-based Canadian musician Taylor Savvy, recorded in Montreal, Berlin and New York City, and features appearances by Gonzales and Mocky, producers/co-writers of the recent hit Feist album The Reminder, as well as several top musicians from the Montreal and Berlin jazz communities. Savvy's thoughtful arrangements and production, and a return to major studio recording and live musical accompaniment, make this one of Gordon's best releases in years!

The Bride / Madonna / Mariah / With You Around / Clap Your Hands / Interlude 1 / Judy / Cher / Pearl / Interlude 2 / Rock 'n' Rolling Dance

$15 CDN - Tax and shipping included


We were saddened to find out about the passing of Richard Schulberg, aka Citizen Kafka. Anyone who saw the GT documentary will remember his spirited descriptions of Gordon's music, and his key role in our tracking down Gordon.

As perhaps the most prominent GT fan and one who'd been trying himself to find Gordon for years, C.K. was instrumental in our journey back when our film project was called The Search For Gordon Thomas. It's no exaggeration to say that the film, and our finding Gordon, wouldn't have happened without him.

Of course, that was only one of his many accomplishments - he was a noted musician, collector, radio host and compiler of an amazing CD compilation of obscure, unknown and brilliant music. He was a true New York character with a lot of humour, energy and ideas.

We will always remember him with fondness. Our sympathies go out to his family. A Facebook group has been set up for his friends and admirers.


Gordon Thomas Facebook Page.

Gordon Thomas on MySpace.


"Montreal-based filmmakers Stacey DeWolfe and Malcolm Fraser have done society a huge favour by tracking down octogenarian American outsider musician Gordon Thomas and letting him tell his life story... odd and inspirational... lovely."
- John Griffin, Montreal Gazette
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"Fraser and DeWolfe are gifted documentarists - their understated portrait of Mr. Thomas in engrossing and emotional."
- Melora Koepke, Hour Montreal
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"...he is the most humble, optimistic and inspiring human being you will ever come across... you can’t help but marvel at his indomitable spirit... his impact on the world, small as it may be, will have changed lives forever."
- Laura Bell, Bermuda Sun
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"Gordon Thomas is a musician whose work falls squarely outside of the popular commercial realm, yet his sincere self produced albums are exquisite gems of an idiosyncratic, highly personal style which is as unassuming and direct as it is accessible, yet subtle."
- Citizen Kafka


Photos from the shoot of Everything's Coming My Way.
All photos by Lee Towndrow.

The whole crew (left to right): Lee Towndrow, Philippe Blanchard, Jace Lasek, Gordon Thomas, Malcolm Fraser, Stacey De Wolfe.

Gordon's Montreal band (left to right): Adrian Vedady, Kate Wyatt, Robbie Kuster, Steve Raegele.


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